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Wishmarker – brings order and clear allocation into your office and commune fridge  & shelf!

Wishmarker is the colourful version of Winemarker. The priniple remains the same: write a short note on the wishmarker and you make clear what it is and to whom it belongs!

Wishmarker_Chili oil.png

The currant juice of grandma, the homemade chili oil, the fresh apple juice – label the bottle individually with the Wishmarker – and the content is immediately at hand.



You no longer need adhesive stickers – and save yourself the tedious removal of adhesive residue from bottles!

More order at home 

We all know that! The shared office or

commune fridge is full of drinks from colleagues and friends – whose open water is it? Is that my coke or from the boss?

Wishmarker makes it clear to everybody within a second. 

Identification of bottles at your office & home fridge


Wishmarker details

  • ideal dimensions (does not exceed diameter of bottle): 5 x 4,5 cm,
    thickness: 1,4 mm, printing & writing area: 4,5 x 2 cm 

  • colours: green, yellow, blue, pink, orange 

  • practically: 360 degree angle rotation

  • material: plastic (PP Polyproylen)

  • foodgrade quality 

  • temperature resistant, also suitable for wine climate cabinets 

  • subtle shape, colour subordinates into overall appearance

  • light weight and flat – ideal promotion item 

  • erasable pen allows easy writing & rewriting 

  • reusable 

  • guarantees tailormade overview in wineracks 

  • registered property rights in Europe and USA

  • eye catching 

Produkte_wishmarker all.jpg

25 pcs. Wishmarker 

+ 1 pen  (12 cm)

height: 13,5 cm
diameter: 7,5 cm

item no.: WISHMA91 

€ 14,90 (incl. VAT)

Wishmarker Set

in storage box

Produkte_wishmarker all.jpg

2 pens  (12 cm)


item no.: WISHMA92

€ 4,90 (incl. VAT)

2 pens


500 pcs. Wishmarker

(bulk packed)

500 pcs. Wishmarker 

+ 5 white pen  (12 cm)




item no.: WISHMA93


Easy & space saving!

Just hang the clipstrip between the sales shelves and put 10 boxes of winemarkers onto it. Done!

length: 80 cm (incl. printed upper part)

Clip strip

for sale shelf

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