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Where can I buy the Winemarker / Wishmarker?

Either at our webshop.


In which countries the Winemarker / Wishmaker will be sent?

Currently we deliver within Austria, Germany, Suisse, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary .


Which payment methods are available at the online shop?

You can pay with credit card and paypal.

How long is the warranty claim?

2 years 


Is the used material foodgrade safe?

Yes. The material complies with the european standards and is BPA free.


What is the material name of used plastic?

Both Winemarker and Wishmarker are made of PP (Polypropylen).


Is the Winemarker / Wishmarker also available in other colours?

Winemarker: currently only available in BLACK colour

Wishmarker: available in GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, YELLOW, PINK

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